Terra ad Finem

The Hospital

[Everyone please remove the Traveler dynamic character sheets from your characters for the time being; they are still broken.]

You remember applying for the FIrst Contact crew. You remember seven levels of interviews before being invited to the final, in-person interviews on Kan, in the Gadde subsector of the Dagudashaag sector.

It was a good thing that the Scouts sent ships for each of you, as it would have been extremely expensive for some of you. As it was, even with fast-cycle Jumps and fuel ready at each Scout depot, it still took about four months to arrive at Kan.

The next thing you know, you are waking up in a hospital.

You are wearing a standard hospital gown, and none of your equipment is in sight. A single change of clothes (definitely one you own, but not the one you were wearing) is draped over a chair near each of you.

Looking around, you see that there are five beds, each with someone on it, but no one that you recognize.

Loral Kinray
You quickly find that your cybernetics were deactivated, but can be reactivated with a single conscious command, which you may provide whenever you wish. This is standard procedure for a hospital on planets with enough technology to understand cybernetics, and is designed to protect the doctors and nurses while the patient is unconscious.

A young woman in a nurse’s uniform straightens up (slowly and non-threateningly) from near your bed, and touches her comm. “Doctor Cabot, the patients are awake.”

Lawrence DiNapoli
You come to with the distinct impression that you are forgetting something. You see the nurse over the woman’s bed.

Oleg Kotuv
You come to finding that your left hand is very badly cramped. Looking over, you find it clenched around a small piece of card paper. It appears it will require your other hand to unclench it.

Dr. Jennings
The fact that you can’t remember how you got here is rather disturbing to you. But at least you can remember everything before that…


“Woohoo! Hello Nurse.” quips Niko, as he comes fully back to the land of the living.

“Yo, nurse cutesocks? Can I get some help over here? I seem to be having problems with my memory.”

“Yes, you seem to have forgotten your manners.” responds the young nurse, as she blushes slightly.

“Alright, alright.” Niko chuckles, “I’m sorry. I just thought I was in heaven. Seriously though,my head feels a bit fuzzy, do you have anything that’ll help clear it up?”

Looking around, “Where am I, anyway?”

The Hospital

Loral wakes to darkness as she quickly realizes that all of her cybernetics are currently offline as she hears a very attractive sounding female voice state "“Doctor Cabot, the patients are awake.” Now figuring she is currently in a hospital and not wanting to cause damage to herself or more importantly others she quickly starts with the command to turn on her cybernetic eyes which snap the world back in clear focus with a quick diagnostic reboot.

Now seeing clearly Loral sits up, not even noticing that this exposes her naked backside as she scans the room for dangers as she activates her enhanced threat analyses programming implant. Her look about the room includes a sizing up of the other four individuals currently occupying beds besides hers, which includes a overly annoying sounding man trying to hit on the what appears to be a very attractive young female nurse. It is only at the point that Loral takes in the presence of the attractive nurse that she becomes conscious of the fact that her backside is completely exposed in the hospital gown she is wearing.

Loral reaches behind her back and closes up her hospital gown and calls over to the young nurse who is currently looking over at the man who had addressed her earlier, “Excuse me miss, can I possible get a private area to change into my clothes, I would hate to offend anyone’s sensibilities here.” By the way Loral dose not even offer a glance towards the men in the room she has no concern for their sensibilities and is more concerned about changing in front of the attractive young lady.

[Recon Roll to look over the room for possible threats 2d6(6,5) + 1skill + 0Intelect = 12, If Loral spots any she will not react wishing to be clothed before acting she will just act like she is unaware of the threat]

The Hospital

Oleg blinks his eyes to clear the fog from his, I guess sleep. Feeling something in his hand, he slowly lifts his hand, brining the crumbled paper up so his other hand can unscramble it. He eyes scans the paper….."

The Hospital

Loral notices no threats, but does see the corner of a small slip of paper sticking out of one of the pockets of her clothes.

Oleg finds that he was holding a crumpled business card – which he has no memory of ever seeing before – it has the name Karl Vonn, the words “Pilot Extraordinaire”, and a commcode.

[Before you ask, you do not have a comm.]

Suddenly, the door opens and an elderly doctor walks in (alert people notice the armed guard outside the door, who is not looking in). The doctor begins a speech that he has obviously rehearsed a few times. “Good morning everyone. I’m Doctor Cabot. I’m afraid there was a leak somewhere, and every single shuttle with a First Contact interviewee crashed. The five of you are the only survivors, and are hired by default if you still wish to be. It has been four days since your crashes, and I’m afraid we need to restrict your movement at the moment to avoid any more assassination attempts. Either myself or Nurse Anya will be nearby at all times until you are all ready to fly again and we find you a safe way off this planet.” He stops, clearly waiting for questions.

The Hospital

Loral’s demeanor changes from one of nice and polite as she was trying to get the attention of the attractive nurse Anya, but upon hearing what Doctor Cabot has to say her face goes hard and she stands out of bed. She lets the hospital gown fall away showing no sign of embarrassment as with military like percussion and quickness, but not slop hast, dresses in her cloths, making sure to secure the piece of paper for review later. Once dressed the last thing she will do is activate her Cybernetic Scythes which causes the half a meter long steel claws to come shooting out.

Then just a quick they retract as Loral turns on Dr. Cabot, “Doctor do you have any information or leads on the leak? Is there any known immediate threats to this location or personal that I should know of and more importantly has any other parts of the fleet other than the First Contact section been targeted?” Loral’s voice almost breaks on that last part of her last question giving the first signs of emotion from her since starting her questioning of the doctor.

The Hospital

Oleg asks, in a very russian accent and in a very matter of fact way, "Comrade, zhese accidents…. vhere they caused by vilitary explosions?

[Does Oleg recognize or know the other characters who are in the hospital?]

The Hospital

[No, Oleg does not recognize anyone else in the hospital.]

The doctor answers Oleg’s question first. “Every single crash appears to have been the result of a malfunction. There were no bombs and no evidence of foul play, aside from the fact that it only happened to the shuttles you were on. As far as the fleet is concerned, they’re several parsecs away. If the attacks were coordinated, we won’t hear from them for at least another three weeks. I’m sorry. But there doesn’t appear to be any indication that anyone knows you are still alive. There have been no attacks at all since the crashes. Fortunately, miz Rivers is extremely thorough.”

“Now, on to other matters. Does anyone remember the crash event?”

Thinking back, none of you do.

The Hospital

Oleg reflects on the doctors comments, “Svounds like a zsolar flare or zsolar spike that disrupt our computers, yes? Vas no recording on vhese computers made? Vho is in charge here?”

The Hospital

Niko listens to the eastern european sounding dude ask his questions and waits for the doctor’s answer. He winks at the nurse.

The Hospital

The poor doctor looks a little overwhelmed. “The, uh…the captain is out to lunch right now, but he’ll be back in, uh, in a bit. He can answer your questions.”

The Hospital

Loral takes a seat on the edge of the bed she was just occupying moment earlier, her demeanor is one of sadness as tries not to thank not only the possibility of the rest of the fleet also being targeted by this unknown threat but also the fact of how the news of her supposed death will affect Karin.

Seeing the Doctors clear loss of how to answer all their questions Loral comments, “Dr. Cabot there seems to be much going on here and as much as I would like to recall what happened during the event that lead be to be in this medical center I cannot, which I find very disturbing. I would like to meet with not only the Captain but also the head of the instigation that is looking into these hidden attacks and the search for the possible leak. I was to interview as a member of the security detail overseeing the First Contact group and seeing as we are the only surviving members of that group now, I would very much like to be brought up to speed in the situation.”

As Loral finishes speaking she pulls out the piece of paper that she found among her cloths and take a look at it.

The Hospital

The doctor looks slightly relieved at Loral’s comment, and opens his mouth to speak, but Nurse Anya cuts him off, walking towards Jony Lexand’s bed. “Doctor, perhaps we should let them get acquainted with each other, since they’re clearly not in any danger at the moment.”

Only Loral and Dr. Jennings notice that she spoke the instant Loral’s hand touched her pocket.

Dr. Cabot turns to follow the nurse, and replies, “Yes of course. I’ll send the captain in as soon as he’s back, and he’ll take care of the rest.”

As the two of them leave, Loral looks at the piece of paper she found. It says: DONT TRUST ANYO.

The Hospital

Loral looks down at the note trying to decipher it meaning ‘DONT TRUST ANYO’, it seems whoever was writing the note was either trying to warn her about someone named Anyo, which is awfully close in spelling to Anya the nurse’s name, or they were interrupted while writing it. The most logical step was they meant “anyone” and well at this point that sounded like good advice.

Putting the note away in a inner pocket Loral looks up at the gentleman gathered in the room with her, “Well I’ll start with the introductions as it were, names Loral Kinray and as I have stated I was being transported to be interviewed for a position of the Security Detail that was a part of the First Contact group. I not only have over eighty years of experience in Armed Corporate Security but also over seven years of military special forces training and experience. As you most likely noticed I have several cybernetic enhancements, thanks to my years as a special forces operative, which enhance not only my close combat ability but also survivability in combat and target accusation.”

Loral stops for a moment before speaking once more but this time her voice has lost much of it businesslike manner, “My motivations for being a part of this operations are not whole professional, there is someone I care very deeply about who is assigned to the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service fleet that is tasked with fallowing up and supporting the First Contact Fleet’s endeavors. Now that I have given my name, what I was interviewing for and general reason why I’m here, I would appreciate it if all you gentlemen would do the same.”

The Hospital

Apologies for my gap in posting on all fronts. I was given notice that my company terminated my position on Monday, so I’ve been in damage control mode, but I expect to finish my character and begin posting tomorrow.

The Hospital

Niko looks over at the attractive midde aged woman who’d just finished introducing herself.

“Miss Kinray?” he raised his hand somewhat shyly, “I’m Niko. I’m a mechanic and Engineer. If you break, maybe I can fix you?” he laughs.

“Just teasing. I’m here to repair things. Computers, Manuever Drives, hell, your Lawnmower if it’s busted. I just like to see everything running smoothly.”

(OOC to Marc, good luck on the job front!)

The Hospital

[Sorry for the delay in my posting folks… been traveling like mad for work and am still on the road. Sorry to hear about your job Marc… I will be back in the saddle this weekend]

The Hospital

“Comrades,” Oleg says slowly, in a deep russian accent. "I am, how you say, pleasured to be here vith you alls. For those that do not knvow me, I am Commander Oleg Kotuv of the Imperial Space Navy, 2nd Fleet. I vas assigned as the lead pilot for the “Vanguard”, a cruisver class vwarship under the Command of Admiral Rickart. I brag, how you say, not a lot, so I simply conclude with thivs statement. Loyalty and dedication are what I bring in, how you say, the intangible departments. In the tangibles departments, I bring an, how you say, impeccables vflight record of vpiloting some of the Imperium’s most, high-tech starships. These two departments, I think, should fill your, how you say, bill. Oh, and I have a foot locker full of Russian love-water, which, is fancy talks for vodka." He salutes smartly and when he snaps to attention, his overly large belly sticking out with his shoulders pulled back and chin up, looks, well, how you say, silly.

The Hospital

After a silence, the door opens once more and a man dressed in officer’s fatigues strolls in. “Right, I’m Captain Corbett.” He claps his hands together, once. “So, since the good doctor made such a hash of things, let me recap what’s happened to you. There were thirty of you traveling to the planet of Kan for your final interview. Each of you arrived more or less within the same week. And for all thirty of you, your shuttle crashed due to some easily explainable failure before landing. Twenty-five of you did not make it, but we managed to rescue the five of you before your shuttles were completely destroyed. With thirty separate and specific failures, obviously our position here has been compromised. We’ve kept your survival a secret, but we’re hoping to secure transportation offworld before that secret gets out.”

“As you may have noticed, this is not a hospital. In fact, we are standing in a derelict warehouse on the edge of the capital. You are being protected by thirty marines, each of whom has been personally selected by me for their loyalty and skill.”

“Now, unfortunately, we are going to have to move you, and quickly. Your nurse was discovered moments ago, murdered in an alleyway. The weapon was of a high caliber and likely a military model, so there’s a good chance that enemy agents have your location and the facts of your survival. We have a few minutes before the trucks arrive, if you have any questions.”

The Hospital

“Captaivn, your report svounds, how you say, serious. Do you have weavpons for us to defvends ourselves?” asks Oleg.

The Hospital

He nods. “I do. Nothing you’re used to, and certainly not the quality you’re used to, but the best we could do under short notice and without attracting attention. I’ll bring them in when the trucks arrive.” He seems open to further questions.

The Hospital

“Can you tell us why we were targeted?” asks Niko. “And who are these cold bastards who would target an innocent nurse?”

The Hospital

He answers easily, “Second question first. They’re almost certainly mercenaries, hired by one of the rival political factions that doesn’t want us exploring the Gaian signal. Some of the nobility think we should leave well enough alone, that nothing good can come of responding to a distress signal so far away that it would take us well over a year to reach it with a normal Jump drive. Some of them are desperate enough to hire mercenaries to try and stop you from reaching the fleet. As for why target you, it’s really a lot easier to target the First Contact team before you reach the safety of the fleet than it is to target the Fleet itself.”

The Hospital

“Then let’s get to the fleet.” replies Niko with a smile.

The Hospital

“Easier said than done. They didn’t tell me where the fleet is, so we need to wait until an agent makes it through the mercenaries.”

The Hospital

“Well then, can I please have a firearm while we wait?” Niko asks politely.

The Hospital

The captain nods. “There’s a pistol for each of you on the truck, which should be arriving right about…now.”

As he says this, you hear the beeping of a truck backing into the building.

He walks out the door, clearly expecting you all to follow. “Come on, we’ve got to get out of here before the mercs realize that we’re here.”

The Hospital

“Fine by me.” says Niko as he follows the captain.

The Hospital

Loral who has remained quite during the Captains briefing on what the situation was jumps up in moves with a quick military like focus as she fallows the Captain out keeping a eye out for hidden dangers. With a quick glance to the rest of the group she say, “Keep your eyes open and if we run into trouble keep moving together and I’ll do what I can to have your back. Now lets go!”

[ Recon roll 2d6 (3,5) + 1skill + 0Intellect = 9 ]

The Hospital

“Voger that,” says Oleg, “How you say, let’s make trails?”

The Hospital

The captain leads you all to an old semi-trailer, drags up the door, and reveals two long benches that have already been set in place. He ushers you all in, and closes the door once again. As the truck starts moving forward, he opens a small footlocker and hands each of you a cartridge pistol. “Again, I apologize, but this was the best we could do.”

Cartridge Pistol: ranged (pistol), damage 2d6+3, recoil 4, no auto, mass 1.5 kg, magazine 6.

The truck drives for about an hour and a half, then backs up and deposits you in another warehouse. It is completely empty except for a single guard, and a ladder leading up what looks like a windowed office.

Everyone make a Recon check.

The Hospital

During the dump ride Oleg tries to make small talk and be funny, but clearly he is nervous, “This revminds me of my honey moons, a number of vears ago….we thought we were booked on a large pleasuvre vacht … but, how you say, we were bamboozled and were instead booked on a large merchant trader that vas fvilled with, how you say, travelling zoo and I caught a rash on, how you say, on my мужской половой член.”

Oleg rolls 5+6-3 (for not having the skill)=8 on RECON roll

The Hospital

Loral will step out of the truck without having not spoken the whole trip as if something was on her mind. She tucks the pistol provided to her in the back of her waistband as her hands are at her side ready for her to unsheathe her cybernetic controlled implanted blades at the thought of the command word. As she walks in the warehouse she scans the area for danger using her enhanced vision and targeting software.

[ Recon roll 2d6 (6,3) + 1skill + 0intellect = 10 ]

The Hospital

Niko follows Loral, intuitively sensing he is safer following behind her back.

Plus, the view seems nice.

He holds his pistol as though he knows how to use it, but the look on his face says he’d rather not have to…

[Recon Roll (4,2) = 6 + 2 INT – 3 Lack of Skill = 5, fail. Though he might notice something if it bit him…]

The Hospital

Captain Corbett gestures for you to follow him up the ladder to the loft area. When you arrive, he shows you eight beds, similar to the ones you woke up on, and several tables. “I’ll be leaving three of my men here with you on a twenty-four-hour watch, and three more outside the warehouse on a similar schedule. I ask that you go down to the ground as little as possible. Up here, all these windows are one-way mirrors, as you might have noticed.” He goes over to a blank spot on the wall, undoes a catch, and pulls the wall apart. “This will make for a useful defense point if you need it.” He slides the walls closed, and latches them together again. “If you have any more questions, now would be the time.”

As Loral looks around, her gaze is drawn out over the empty warehouse. She notices the outline of a square in the dust, with footprints and streak marks in and around it leading towards where the truck stands idling. Some instinct tells her not to mention this to the captain.

The Hospital

“Hey Loral, whatcha lookin’ at?” asks Niko amicably as he sidles up next to her.

The Hospital

Loral uses her movements as she looks around to bring her close to Niko and she leans in close keeping her voice down clearly not wanting anyone else to over hear, “There was something storied here before we arrived and seems it was moved recently, most likely into that truck over there.”

The Hospital

Once Loral points out the discrepancy, Niko can see it easily. Then, suddenly, he feels…something…biting…at…him…

For some reason, this warehouse looks awfully familiar.

The Hospital
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