Oleg Kotuv

42 year balding, overweight russian heritage ex-Imperial Navy pilot



STR: 4
DEX: 5
END: 6
INT: 14
EDU: 12
SOC: 8

  • Animals (riding) – 0
  • Astrogration – 0
  • Computers – 0
  • Gambler – 1
  • Gunner (turrets) – 1
  • Gunner (Screens) – 0
  • Gun Combat (slug rifle) – 0
  • Gun Combat (slug pistol) – 1
  • Mechanic – 1
  • Navigation – 0
  • Pilot (spacecraft) – 2
  • Pilot (small craft) – 0
  • Recon – 1*
  • Vacc Suit – 2
  • Zero-G – 0

10,000 yearly pension
150,000 credits on hand


“Comrades,” Oleg says slowly, in a deep russian accent. “I am, how you say, pleasured to be here vith you alls. For those that do not knvow me, I am Commander Oleg Kotuv of the Imperial Space Navy, 2nd Fleet. I vas assigned as the lead pilot for the “Vanguard”, a cruisver class warship under the Command of Admiral Rickart. I brag, how you say, not a lot, so I simply conclude with thivs statement. Loyalty and dedication are what I bring in, how you say, in the intangible departments. In the tanglibles departments, I bring an, how you say, impeccable, flight record of piloting some of the Imperium’s most, high-tech starships. These two departments, I think, should fill your, how you say, bill. Oh, and I have a foot locker full of Russian love-water, which, is fancy talks for vodka.” He salutes smartly and when he snaps to attention, his overly large belly sticking out with his shoulders pulled back and chin up, looks, well, how you say, silly.

Oleg Kotuv

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