Terra ad Finem

The Hospital

[Everyone please remove the Traveler dynamic character sheets from your characters for the time being; they are still broken.]

You remember applying for the FIrst Contact crew. You remember seven levels of interviews before being invited to the final, in-person interviews on Kan, in the Gadde subsector of the Dagudashaag sector.

It was a good thing that the Scouts sent ships for each of you, as it would have been extremely expensive for some of you. As it was, even with fast-cycle Jumps and fuel ready at each Scout depot, it still took about four months to arrive at Kan.

The next thing you know, you are waking up in a hospital.

You are wearing a standard hospital gown, and none of your equipment is in sight. A single change of clothes (definitely one you own, but not the one you were wearing) is draped over a chair near each of you.

Looking around, you see that there are five beds, each with someone on it, but no one that you recognize.

Loral Kinray
You quickly find that your cybernetics were deactivated, but can be reactivated with a single conscious command, which you may provide whenever you wish. This is standard procedure for a hospital on planets with enough technology to understand cybernetics, and is designed to protect the doctors and nurses while the patient is unconscious.

A young woman in a nurse’s uniform straightens up (slowly and non-threateningly) from near your bed, and touches her comm. “Doctor Cabot, the patients are awake.”

Lawrence DiNapoli
You come to with the distinct impression that you are forgetting something. You see the nurse over the woman’s bed.

Oleg Kotuv
You come to finding that your left hand is very badly cramped. Looking over, you find it clenched around a small piece of card paper. It appears it will require your other hand to unclench it.

Dr. Jennings
The fact that you can’t remember how you got here is rather disturbing to you. But at least you can remember everything before that…


Okay, people, so I didn’t think and made the intro to the campaign require every character right out of the gate.

Naturally, it’s a great intro and I really don’t want to change it, so we’ll be waiting until everyone has their character at least named and basics sketched out.

Thus, if you’re reading this, please forgive me for not starting as soon as I have two characters.

I think it’ll be worth the wait.

[Note that the Traveler dynamic sheets are still broken, and using them prevents anyone from reading your stats.]


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