Imperium Phoenix-Class Scout

The Phoenix-class scout is the pinnacle of modern Imperium engineering. Designed as a matched set with the Imperium Expeditionary Flagship, it combines the most advanced sensors known to man with the most extensive defenses ever designed. The Phoenix is designed to function as a front-line starship, with only one caveat…

It has no Jump drive.

The Phoenix is designed for long-range missions deep into enemy-controlled or completely unknown star systems. While the Third Imperium has largely ended its expansion, the Scouts continue to push back the edges of unknown space. Missions like the Gaian Mission require a range so great that no ship can ever hope to reach its destination alone, much less act effectively if it got there.

The Phoenix was designed in a joint project between the Scouts and the Navy, headed by Elaine Rivers, to produce a single ship that could scout a system, picket a planet, engage pirates without much trouble, and remain in service for a very long time. And while the end result is cost-prohibitive (at just over 600 megacredits), both the Scouts and the Navy believe that the benefits will outweigh the drawbacks over time. It is the most powerful, most indestructible, and (in theory) most effective ship that money can buy.

The Phoenix prototype has been dispatched in the Expeditionary Fleet, and will be crewed by the FIrst Contact team. While designed to work effectively with a crew of only two, the Phoenix carries room for up to twelve crewmembers, although it is designed for only six.

Imperium Phoenix-Class Scout

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