Read This First!

You have been selected to join the Expeditionary Fleet to Gaian space. Most of the fleet is made up of Navy crewmen, Scouts, and the occasional Marine. You are different.

You have been specifically hired as the FIrst Contact team – the first team to enter a system, land on a planet, and make contact with (or not, as you prefer) its inhabitants. You are the first thing the Gaians will see, and the first line of defense (if necessary) against aggressors.

Because of this, the Scouts expect your mortality rate to be high. Several backups have been placed in cryogenic suspension aboard the flagship, and can be revived, if necessary.

Your job is to make sure they aren’t needed.

The FIrst Contact team has been provided with the fastest and most powerful 400-ton ship that the Third Imperium can build, the Phoenix. Despite being an advanced prototype, it is still less important than you are.

You and your team exist outside the normal chain of command. You report directly to Elaine Rivers, the arbiter of the Exploratory Council. You are answerable only to her.

This job will be dangerous – even without all the unknown dangers, there are political factions in the Imperium that just do not want this expedition to succeed.

Good luck.

( Character creation rules are found here.)

Read This First!

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