Elaine Rivers

Mediator, head of scouting programs


Minister of Foreign Relations, Third Imperium.
Contact Commander, Imperial Scouts.
Commodore, Naval Intelligence.

Elaine Rivers’ accomplishments are numerous and varied. Her father was a minor baron in the Spinward Marches, and she went on to join the First Contact division of the Imperial Scouts. After a long and fruitful career, she joined Naval Intelligence as an analyst, and served for fifteen years as the premier authority on pre-Jump Drive civilizations. However, a terrible accident left her bound to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. She entered the Imperial Ministry of Foreign Relations, quickly rising towards the top and eventually attaining the ministerial post.

Then the message arrived.

Immediately, Elaine knew she had to persuade the Emperor to send a mission to investigate. Through her own contacts and those of her late father, she managed to persuade the court to send the First Exploratory Fleet, with herself on board. Although she technically does not get to cast a vote on the Exploratory Fleet Council, she serves as the tiebreaker and wields considerable power behind the scenes. Although still bound to her wheelchair, she has never lost her mind’s sharpness, and yet has forgotten more about foreign relations than most of her subordinates will ever know.

The First Contact team reports directly to Elaine, bypassing the entirety of the normal command structure.

Elaine Rivers

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