Loral Kinray

Security Specialist with enhanced cybernetic combat abilities.


Name: Loral Kinray
Age: 38
Race: Human
Homeworld: Rich, High Population
Racial Traits: none

Characteristic Score Modifier
Strength 7 0
Dexterity 9 1
Endurance 6 0
Intellect 6 0
Education 9 1
Social 10 1

Skills: Carouse 0. Streetwise 0, Advocate 0, Language 0, Animals (Training) 0, Drive (Wheeled) 0, Flyer (Grav) 0, Recon 1, Science (Life Sciences) 0, Survival 0, Gun Combat (Slug Rifle) 1, Gun Combat (Slug Pistol) 1, Persuade 2, Investigate 0, Computers 0, Deception 0, Comms 2, Tactics 1, Melee (large blade) 2, Steward 0, Sensors 2, Pilot (Small Craft) 1, Stealth 1, Medic 1

Cybernetics: Cybernetics (Skillsoft-Recon), Cybernetics (Eyes-Low Light Vision), Cybernetics (Hand Combat- Scythes [2d6+4])

Armor [ Flack Jacket (TL 7)] Rating [ 5 ] Notes [Subdermal Armour +1 ]
Weapon Attack DM Damage Range Modifiers Notes
Auto-pistol (TL 6) +2 3d6-3 P-1, C+0, S+0, M-2, L-4, 2 clips 15 rounds of ammo
Cybernetic Scythes (TL 11) +3 2d6+4 P-1, C+0 Once out hands are locked into place and unusable
Smoke Grenades (TL 6) -2 None C+0, S-1, M-2 2 grenades, 6 meter smoke cloud -2 DM to all attacks through it
Sniper Rifle (TL 8) +2 3d6+3 P-3,C-1, S+0, M+0, L+0, VL-2, D-4 4 clips of 4 rounds of ammo, silencer and magnification scope

Gear: Flak Jacket (TL 7), Commdot, Stunstick, Auto-pistol and 2 magazines (standard ammunition), 2 Smoke Grenades, Subdermal Armour, Sniper Rifle (TL 8)

Credits: 29,260

Career History

  • First Term: Adventurer (Hunter) [ age:18-22]
  • Second Term: Agent (Hero) [age: 23-26]
  • Third Term: Agent (Hero) [age: 26-30]
  • Forth Term: Corporate (Security) [age: 31-34]
  • Fifth Term: Corporate (Security) [age: 35-38]

Bio: Loral Kinray was born the youngest of four child and only daughter to Major Garrett and Miss Jennifer Kinray for the Highwall Military Academy Kinray’s a very noble and distinguished military family whose sons all served in either in the planetary army or space navy. Loral was born with a birth defect that effected her eye sight in the form of being colorblind although this did not affect on her quality of life to a great extent it did spell the end of any hope for a military career like the rest of her family. Loral grew up knowing that although she was loved by her family they saw her as somewhat of a outsider as she could never join them in their lives of military service.

Loral’s only family member who seemed to take no notice of her disability or what it meant for her future was her grandmother and ex-space marine who spend her golden years going from adventure hunting trip to the next. It was more out of self defense from feeling as a disappointment to her family that Loral after graduation from finishing school she took it upon herself to watch over the family’s beloved grandmother and join her on her hunting expeditions.

For the next three years Loral would journey not only to almost every exotic location on her home planet but also off world to other plants as her grandmother searched for her next hunting adventure. While back on their home planet and hunting in the colder climates of the northern axis Loral and her grandmother where caught in a unseasonably large and dangerous storm that threatened all the nearby region. During the storm Loral’s grandmother fell in a craves breaking both her legs and doing sever internal damage to herself. Cut off from any help that Loral tried to call do to the severity of the storm Loral tried to rescue her grandmother on her own. Loral was able to climb down to her grandmother, but while trying to bring both of them out of the craves she caused the sides to collapse and in the ensuing fall and rock slide killed her grandmother and caused severe injury to herself.

Loral would regain consciousness in one of the best hospitals in planet to discover that indeed her grandmother was dead and that she had suffered several injuries that could have been life threatening as well if not for her timely rescue by nearby search and rescue team. It was during Loral’s recovery that she learned of a experimental new program being launched by the planetary military to incorporate cybernetic enhanced operatives into their special forces program. The program were taking individuals that had a above average intelligence and level of education but do to some physical deficiency were unqualified for normal military service enrollment. Loral sent in her application hope that after the loss of her beloved grandmother she would final see the acceptance into the military life that her family honored above all else.

To her relief Loral was accepted into the experimental program named Lazarus Program which included not only basic training as a operative but also combat mission experience and a number of cybernetic surgeries, in a number of different combination as they try to discover the best combination of cybernetics and man to make the best soldiers. The first cybernetics Loral received were enhanced eyes that fix her color blindness and also gave her the ability to see far better in the darkness than a normal human ever could. In those first four years as a Operative, Loral saw combat on several missions that targeted anti-governmental terrorist groups and she received her second cybernetics in the form of a skillsoft implant that enhanced her perceptive abilities so she could identify and eliminate threats with greater skill.

During her second term and now at the age of twenty six, Loral received her third government sponsored cybernetic surgery in which they tried to enhance her close combat abilities by not only implanting Subdermal Armour but also added a cybernetic weaponisation to her hands in the form of two half-meter long surgical steel claws embedded under the skin of her arms which emerge between the knuckles of her fingers. Also during her second term and undercover assignment that Loral would fall in love. There was two major difficulties with her love interest, the first being that she was another woman and the second that she turned out to be a hired assassin working for Loral’s targeted group of terrorist. Loral unfortunately discovered this shortly after sleeping with the woman when her new loved tried to kill her, expecting Loral to be unarmed and defenseless. Neither was true and Loral killer her in the ensuing fight and later discovered from her former lover turn assassin that her and her teams cover had been exposed do to her action and would spell the end of her career in the military special forces teams.

Lost at what to do with her life and see that she was once more the black sheep of her proud military family Loral took nearly the first good off world job she could find, which was as a high paid member of a corporate security department. The job sent her to a new established branch office on a developing world which was not as political sound as corporate headquarters had believed and within three years the situation turned to a all out governmental coup. Loral’s concerns were not so much the political status of the planet but the security of corporate installations and personal which quickly came under attack. Defending the installations was a well skilled but highly underpowered security team which Loral quickly found herself leading as she devised tactics to combat the growing violent attacks on the corporate buildings. Three months later corporate sent reinforcements arrived to find that Loral had kept the corporate assets primarily out of harm, which earned her a raise and promotion.

Loral would move back to her home planet when she was thirty five years old taking up a security position in the corporate headquarters office. She would not only reconnect with her family but after being home for a year would find love once more in the form of Karin Page a analysis for a explorations team in the service of the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service. Loral and Karin’s relationship would develop slowly over time, mainly due to the fact that both in their early or later twenty or thirties were well established in their careers and had to make their relationship work around them. It work for them and for the first time Loral was truly not alone and was happy.

Then six months ago the distress call from Gaia was received and Loral’s life would take a quick turn as Karin was once more called into service to be a member of the Expeditionary Fleet to Gaian space which had a unknown service end time. Loral was losing the one person she had truly ever loved, and in a attempt to stay with Karin she knew she could do only one thing. Asking Karin to give up her life long career was never a option so Loral quit her corporate security job and applied to be a member of the Expeditionary Fleet as a security specialist with military experience, something the Scouts where in need of. So Loral and Karin find themselves packing light and closing the capture on their dirt side life and unfortunately boarding separate shuttles to start their journey that will take them not only to the their posting in the Expeditionary Fleet but all the way into Gaian space.

Loral Kinray

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